“A good head and a good heart make a formidable combination.”

Nelson Mandela

Bringing to life Great Leadership, High Performing Teams & Thriving Cultures is what we do. Enabling happy, confident & successful people is why we do it.

We believe Mindset, Attitude & Resilience are the core ingredients for people development that enable real & sustainable change.

Ours is a powerful approach that combines Leadership & Life skills in a business context; modern, science based experiential learning & coaching that makes sense & feels real.

We don’t ‘do training’, our experiential coaching enables positive change by helping people discover & learn for themselves in ways that are simple to apply.

Helping people Lead & Live with more confidence, balance & success can transform personal & organisational performance. It is why we’re here.

“This programme is daring, innovative, good for business & ethically sound too.”

Professor Eugene Sadler Smith, Surrey University

Our customers ask us to help them…

  • Bring to life Values led leaders; with confidence & resilience to do the right thing, focus on customers & make smart decisions.
  • Develop future leaders with confidence skills; from the classroom to the boardroom, a winning Mindset, confidence & Resilience makes the difference.
  • Coaching leaders to develop empathy & expansive thinking & handle uncertainty & constant change with confidence.
  • Develop resilient Mindsets to help people manage their stress, maintain balance & focus on what really matters.
  • Enable school children & their teachers to understand stress, improve confidence & develop growth Mindsets.
  • Enable Leaders to coach others with self awareness, emotional intelligence & empathy to positively impact & motivate their people.
  • Coach teams to work towards a shared purpose, to explore & understand their attitudinal dynamic, building on strengths & learning to communicate honestly to build the trust required for high performance.
  • Culture change; bring Values to life & enable thriving cultures through programmes that engage people to choose to change. Enabling inclusive, customer focused ways of working & help for those who have become too attached to a task & KPi approach.

Too frequently invisible barriers of a lack of awareness, low confidence, stress & unhelpful Mindsets limit an individual & an organisation’s performance. Without even realising it many of us at every level in organisations can rely far too much on IQ, process & a too narrow focus on targets. People can allow their subconscious to create a list of rules & behaviours that can whisper; ‘this is how we’ve always done it’, ‘I better play safe / please my boss’, ‘I better follow the rules’ & one that holds back so much creative thinking & innovation ‘I have to avoid risky situations where I might fail’.

People with winning Mindsets & confident Attitudes think & feel differently. They achieve more.

They focus on what matters, see opportunity, learning & go for growth. It’s about not limiting expectations, it’s about enjoying the moment whilst focussing on what really matters & it’s about continually growing & performing at your best.

We help people learn that Confidence is a choice, Doing the Right Thing is a Mindset & Resilience matters.

It’s the secret to achieving more happiness & more success.

If you recognise these or similar challenges then we can help you.

“This course helps bring our PRIDE Values to life like no other.

It’s a very powerful experience and made a big difference to how people link our Nationwide Building Society Values to their job.

It’s hard to overestimate the positive impact it has had.”

Amy Jones, Culture & Inclusion, Nationwide Building Society 2014

Values Led Leadership

Developing Leaders able to regulate their emotions, make smart decisions & collaborate with others, earning their trust & respect.

Confident people & teams

Enabling self-awareness, emotional intelligence & confidence in Leaders, Service providers, schools kids & teachers; from classroom to boardroom.

Culture change

Inspiring thriving Cultures where decisions are genuinely guided by Values & Leaders understand Doing the right thing is about Mindset & winning hearts & minds matters.