“This course has an amazing reputation. I was advised to come on this programme, just to do this one course and they were right. I wasn’t sure I was confident enough to be a leader, I am now.”

Alan Jones

Wiseheart has a proud track record of enabling people & organisations with the awareness, confidence & motivation that delivers a higher level of performance.

We invite high levels of openness & honesty in a safe environment. Fake scenario role plays are out, working real issues, identifying real opportunities & making new choices are in.

Different, safe, challenging, thought provoking & more fun expected is common feedback for us.

“Awesome! The best development workshop I’ve ever had. I can’t believe how different I feel. So focussed, so energised. Thank-you.”

This course has opened my mind to fresh ideas and will help at work and in everyday life too, thank-you.”

“These skills have already left me feeling more confident and will help me bring my team together.”

“I get it! This course helps you live your own values. It sounds simple but its not, it’s powerful, it’s about how I think and feel and then how I behave. It’s a choice I have.”

“Each day used to be like a marathon at sprint pace until I got home and felt like I’d fallen of a cliff. It’s hard to explain but I feel so different, so much more positive and able to handle things and difficult people. Thank you so much.”
Hazel, Nationwide Building Society

“This course helps bring our PRIDE Values to life like no other. It’s a very powerful experience and made a big difference to how people link our Nationwide Building Society Values to their job. It’s hard to overestimate the positive impact it has had.”
Amy Jones, Culture & Inclusion, Nationwide Building Society 2014

“This programme simply produced better calls, happier customers and reduced our costs. It exceeded my expectations.”
Simon Blacklock, Head of Customer Service, Tesco Telecoms

“This programme is daring, innovative, good for business and ethically sound.”
Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith, Management Development, Surrey University

“I used to get frustrated & try to get rid of the angry & rude customers, now I get it really isn’t personal, so I keep listening and do my best to help.”
James, O2

“Fantastic insight into how much power the mind has over our actions and how our ability to control that can lead to positive outcomes.”
Leanne, Nationwide Building Society

“Simply the best programme in my 20years in business.”
Chris, Living CMO

“This course is thought provoking and challenges you to really look at the impact that you can have and how you can manage this to best effect. A truly inspirational course, and a great mix of theory and practise which makes it real.”
Adrian, Strategy Director

“You helped our teachers learn a lot in a really light hearted way. The importance of understanding Fixed Vs Growth Mindsets is so important and you brought this to life in a simple way. The sessions on brains and stress for Year 6 was great fun and helped the children perform better than expected in their SATs.”
Ron Monti, Deputy Head, Edwinstree Middle school

“Remarkable, it’s really added value. I can expect a great deal more from my team & I’ve learnt I need to give more on a personal basis.”
CIO global Dotcom business

“We’re more open and honest now, a much stronger team and we make better quality decisions as a result.”
Andy Dewhurst, CEO, Tesco Telecoms