“Not what I expected! Deceptively simple, easy to put into action and definitely powerful.”

Paulina Kadjid, 2015

Is it time you invested in you?

More confidence & living with more happiness & success is possible.

Our courses can help you find your formula for happiness & success. They can help you feel more confidence & improve your relationships, feel less stress & be more balanced.

We will help you pause…think & learn powerful new skills. We will help you discover new choices that will leave you re-energised, re-focussed & ready to go again with a smile.

Our public courses are run in inspiring venues, with good healthy food and are a great way to network with like minded people alongside experiencing some powerful learning. They are a great option if…

      • You want to improve your confidence.
      • You want to manage your stress & live with more balance.
      • You want some personal development & space to reflect outside of your organisation.
      • You want some specific development for only a few people.
      • You are a small business & still want some quality development for one or a few people.
      • You want to combine some development with networking & hearing stories from other organisations.
CourseThe benefits to youLocationDateCost
Wiseheart LeadershipMore confidence to lead in the Values led world where people are your competitive advantage.
Awareness of the importance of Mindset, Attitude & Resilience & skills to bring them to live to help you perform at your best. This workshop will cover:
- Insights from neuroscience.
- How to link your Values to your leadership.
- How 'Doing the right Thing' is about Mindset and Values.
- How to develop empathy & build strong relationships.
20/09/16SOLD OUT
Mindset & Attitude A powerful course that will help you choose a positive Attitude and find your confidence in difficult situations. This workshop will cover:
- The importance of Mindset and how to develop a winning one.
- How your purpose and Values link to your confidence.
- The science of confidence, where it comes from and how to choose it.
- How to develop it and sustain it.
21/09/16SOLD OUT
The Wiseheart Personal Development courseLearn to manage your mind, build confidence & Resilience.London, Eastbury Manor House. IG11 9SN.

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“I’ve woken up this morning feeling centered and confident in a way that I never have before.

I feel like I’m genuinely capable of doing anything I set my mind to. It’s amazing!  I went for a run this morning and ran about 1 minute per kilometre faster than I normally do. Something has clearly changed in my world and it wouldn’t have happened without you.  I’m so excited to see what happens next!”

Kim Monney