“Without question the best training experience I have had in all the major FTSE companies I have worked for.”

Dean Burdon

We help you bring your Values, Culture, Leadership & Service to life.

We help bring to life

  • Thriving cultures where people make Values based decisions, positive choices & Doing the Right Thing becomes natural.
  • Leaders with growth Mindsets & the emotional & social intelligence to build trust & coach the best out of their people.
  • High Performing Teams that trust & understand each other & are confident to work any tensions to maintain openness & honesty.
  • Warm & friendly Customer Service that is anchored in personal confidence & a Service Mindset.
  • Confident & resilient people; from the classroom to the boardroom. Whatever your age, learning how to feel more confident is a powerful thing.

Through our coaching, workshops & flexible programmes we help people develop…

  • Self-awareness to improve your impact on others. To understand the Mindsets & attitudinal drivers in your culture & how to improve it.
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence that improves performance through balancing WHAT you do with skills to improve HOW you do it and WHY.
  • Mindset & Attitude skills to help you be your best & lead yourself with energy, focus & confidence. These consistently have a powerful impact.
  • Service Attitude skills specifically to help your front line feel more confident & motivated to serve & deal with difficult situations with grace.
  • Resilience to help you understand & manage your stress. This helps people stay balanced, & motivated to keep making smart decisions.

Culture Change

Bringing Values, Leadership & Customer Service to life through tailored programmes.

Develop Leaders

Coaching & Workshops enabling confident, self-aware & emotionally intelligent leaders.

Develop Teams

Powerful shared learning experiences that break down barriers, enable shared visions & build trust.

Service Attitude

Enabling people with powerful Attitude & Resilience skills to serve your customers with confidence.


Insight into the impact of your leaders & the Mindset & Attitudes that create your culture, drive behaviour & determine your results.

Inspirational Talks

To energise & inspire your people on the importance of Mindset, Attitude & Resilience in bringing Values, Leadership & Service to life.


Workshops for children & teachers. Developing growth Mindsets. Confidence building & well being. Managing stress to help you pass exams. Resilience for teachers & dealing with low level classroom disruption with confidence.

Public courses

For business & personal growth. Develop a winning Mindset, find your Confidence, build Resilience and leave refreshed, refocused and re-energised.

“A really effective combination, creating dramatic personal transitions. It results in alignment of values, so our leaders can be at their best. Your helping us create the leaders we need for the future.”

Jo Colville, Tesco Leadership Development Manager 2015