“We are more open and honest now, a much stronger team and we make better decisions as a result.”

Andy Dewhurst, CEO, Tesco Telecoms

We understand that being more aware & learning new skills is only half the story; enabling new insights, choices & the confidence to apply them is our shared objective.

We are a team of friendly coaches with experience & expertise in our field

We are experienced enough to know that it is not just about models & theories, it is about learning that people can apply in their job & relate to in their own life.

Ah-ha moments, learning that sticks & sustaining new behaviours is what really counts & what you pay us for.

A good head & a good heart really is a powerful combination

Our satisfaction comes from making a difference to peoples lives & helping leaders create cultures that thrive.

So please get in touch if you would like to hear more about how we can help you.

I had a real feeling that with your delivery approach you truly cared about the content and the people you conveyed, I sensed quickly I was being taught by someone who was simply honest, learned and passionate, commonly something I find most “trained” trainers lack.”

Lisa Jones


Richard Thorp



M: +44 (0)7764 856526
E: richard@wiseheart.co.uk


Richard established Wiseheart with the purpose to help people achieve higher levels of happiness & success.

His core Values are: Service, Learning, Integrity & Freedom.

Richard leads the design, diagnostic & delivery of many leadership development & coaching programmes in FTSE, small businesses, charities and schools. He played a lead role in introducing attitudinal leadership development into Tesco in 2002 which contributed to 6 years of unprecedented growth up to 2008 when one of his programmes was described by academics as “daring & ethical as well as good for business”.

Over the last 12 years he has helped develop & inspire thousands of future leaders, teams, confident service assistants, charity workers, professional sports people, teachers & school kids. He has developed many Culture change programmes that have enabled Values led cultures, improved productivity, service & morale. He is known for his extra focus on helping people apply their new leadership skills to the day job. He has coached senior Directors & developing managers, Customer Service assistants, teachers & school kids.

He has experience of Retail, Telecoms, Financial services, Professional sports, Charities & Education.  In 2014 he was invited to speak at the annual CIPD conference sharing insights & tips on how to develop high performing ‘happy & successful’ cultures.

A highly recommended coach, motivated to help people achieve one thing; a personal formula for happiness & success. A family man, married for over 20 years with three kids who are not impressed by his attempts to be funny & wish he would stop trying. Spare time is spent trying to be a good Dad & husband, coaching kids football & walking his two dogs alongside the river Wye.

<strong>Specialities:</strong> Highly skilled in the areas of Mindset, Attitude, Resilience and creating Values led Culture Change.


Sarah Humphries



M: +44 (0) 7736 723673
E: sarah@wiseheart.co.uk


Sarah is a passionate and effective coach, facilitator and development specialist who uses her skills and intuitive style to encourage and challenge individuals/teams to be the best they can be. Being a warm, adaptable and optimistic person enables Sarah to build strong trust based partnerships in her work. Sarah has had over 20 year’s corporate experience in a variety of companies and leadership positions in Operations, HR and L&D. A key challenge faced in tough a business environment, was a lead role in a Leadership Culture Change programme (Personnel Today award winner in 2014) for Tesco Stores Ltd. Sarah has delivered many leadership programmes, ranging from emotional intelligence to change management, receiving great feedback

Sarah has a real talent for bringing theories off the page and into the real world

As a skilled coach and master practioner in NLP, Sarah has developed many individuals and teams to achieve personal and business goals creating the environment for sustainable change. A designer of bespoke team days that meet the purpose of the team and the objectives they wish to achieve. Innovative and engaging sessions, ensure dynamic change based on key insight and exploration that is open and safe. Solutions are always practical and business relevant which supports individuals to achieve goals and teams to remain agile in an ever changing environment.



Deborah Haworth



M: +44 (0)7761 668388
E: deborah@wiseheart.co.uk


Deborah delivers highly participative & experiential learning activities that support delegates to explore topics & own their learning outcomes.

She is a Learning & Development specialist with broad business experience & a track record as a leader & line manager. CIPD qualified along with a TAP.cert trainer accreditation & psychometric practitioner licence she is highly outcome focused with an authentic and values led approach. She is passionate about the development of individuals and teams believing that people and service provide businesses with a competitive advantage and growth.

With over twenty years experience developing people Deborah has worked with all levels from the sales floor to the boardroom.  In 2014 she played a key role as a facilitator of the award winning skills and behaviour programme “Leaders at Tesco” and has extensive experience designing and delivering transformational change and customer service training.  Working with clients from retail to social housing and health & beauty to charities Deborah has built a reputation for making the complex simple, the challenging inspirational and change achievable.

When she’s not working Deborah is our very own “(not so) Hairy Biker”, combining her two hobbies of baking and motorcycle touring she has most recently perfected Black Forest Gateaux following a motorcycle tour of Germany.”

“I’ve been fortunate to receive wonderful training facilitated by Deborah as well as work with her to create a programme itself.  A great listener she understood my ideas and transformed them into a feasible programme suited to my company’s needs”
Angela, HR Manager, Financial Media

Ros Draper



M: +44 (0) 7736 723673
E: ros@wiseheart.co.uk


A highly successful and inspiring business coach with a track record of delivering high impact personal and business change for the UK’s no.1 blue chip retailer. An authentic, versatile and emotionally intelligent coach, she is passionate about enabling others to learn and enrich their self awareness. Her key strengths are her creativity, empathy and connection with others, combined with extensive knowledge and experience across a wide portfolio of business sectors.

Ros believes that all people are full of potential and this underpins her transformational work with teams and individuals.

Chris Laney



M: +44 (0)7761 668388
E: chris@wiseheart.co.uk


Chris a fully qualified NLP practitioner and NCFE accredited Coach which she applies with over 19 years of retail experience in varying roles for the UK’s No 1 retailer. Chris was nominated twice for Customer Service Trainer of the Year with Tesco at the National Customer Service Awards. A highly experienced, creative and resourceful coach and change agent with a vast skill set, respected for her focus, empathy and connection with others. All of which enables her to get to the heart of the matter with a highly valued mixture of support and challenge.

Chris says she ‘has a passion to assist others in their personal development and to help individuals and organisations grow and sustain change, allowing them to connect with their staff and customers in a real and effective way.’

Paul Hawkins

Paul Hawkins



M: +44 (0) 7736 723673
E: paul@wiseheart.co.uk


Paul is a specialist in leadership development, change management and working with teams at every level. He started his career on the frontlines as a Store Manager in two blue-chip retailers, learning the practical leadership skills and lessons required to deliver excellent service through a team of people. His passion for developing performance in people led him to become an internal consultant at a leading global retailer, responsible for the leadership and general management development of the top talent across the group. Qualified and trained in Myers Briggs and with experience of working extensively in the UK, Europe and Asia on a range of programmes. More

Paul is passionate about supporting individuals and teams to find clarity, purpose and inspiration in their working and personal lives, in order to maximise their potential. He carefully manages his time between work and family life and is the proud father of a little boy and baby girl.

Karen Whitemore



M: +44 (0) 7920 048481
E: Karen@wiseheart.co.uk


Karen has over 20 years learning and development experience in a variety of industry sectors including retail, manufacturing, sales, small SME’s and large blue chip companies. She has developed many company wide large scale culture change programmes which have been well received whilst providing individual learning and improved organisational performance. Karen is experienced in working at all levels to ensure people perform at their best and enjoy what they do. She is creative, enthusiastic and has an excellent capacity for generating ideas.

Described by her clients as personable, a great listener, someone able to challenge and support to get quickly to the root cause, positive and calm with a great sense of humour that creates a very effective learning environment.

Guy Longshaw



M: +44 (0) 7736 723673
E: guy@wiseheart.co.uk


Guy’s passion for inspiring and enabling people’s greater wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness shaped his career transition into coaching and consultancy. This followed 20 years’ management experience spanning marketing and business development, strategic planning, project and programme management, employee engagement and culture change. He believes strongly in the business potential of wellbeing, heart-connection and mindfulness, including working at the physiological level to transform performance and open minds to new options, attitudes and clarity of purpose.

He runs workshops specifically on wellbeing, stress management and performance as well as integrating these tools and approaches into leadership and management programmes. Guy is renowned as an enthusiastic and energetic facilitator as well as an honest, kind and straight-talking executive coach. He loves karate, fresh air and exercise and lives in Hertfordshire.


Jenny Hawkins



M: +44 (0) 7597 343266
E: jenny@wiseheart.co.uk


Jenny is a passionate believer in what she does. She has a warm personality and the ability to
get to the heart of people and issues so as they can help themselves grow in confidence and find the potential
that they have within themselves. She is equally happy working with individuals or with groups or teams.
She has experience of working with people across the spectrum from Graduates to Senior Leaders and has
worked within Operational Personnel roles as well a Leadership and Development. Her philosophy is that you
have one life some of this is at work and some at home and you should enjoy both.
Specialities: Individual coaching and team development. Have used Situational Leadership II, MBTI, OPQ ,
Strengthscope and Insights within her Career. Jenny is known for her ability to connect with people.


Eric Gharakhanian



M: +44 (0) 7932 277237
E: eric@wiseheart.co.uk



With over 30 years management experience in retail and hospitality with leading global companies, Eric has gained extensive knowledge and experience in coaching Leadership, service, cultural reform and people development.
A highly successful coach with a track record supporting people from all over the world, Eric has identified his skills in proactive listening and understanding of individuals need for improved life style, performance and happiness. His ability to identify ways to develop and sustain an improved mindset, attitude and resilience has inspired many. With his calm and balanced approach Eric is able to touch hearts and minds of people and with natural empathy shows individuals how to maintain emotional balance. Eric believes that with this state of mind people are able to maintain a better work life balance, feel fulfilment, be focused and committed to their work.
Eric says he would like to help individuals and organisations to create a culture through mindfulness where everyone is able to feel safe, happy and perform at their very best.